One Brick Music's
Web Design Projects

One Brick Music has branched out into the World Wide Web in the form of Web Design. Dan has designed several web sites, mostly for friends, or for groups he is associated with. Below is a listing of some of those sites. Unfortunately, a few of them are now off-line, or are no longer maintained by Dan, but "demonstration" versions of some of them are still available. Click on any of the logos below and check out Dan's work!

One of the Newest Authors to come out of Chicago, Kaycee Nilsonis working on several books, and has publishers lined up for most of them. As soon as she finishes the manuscripts, look for the books in stores!

The Committee for Taxi Safety in New York City published a monthly paper for Taxi and Limousine drivers.

The internet home of the first four
South Park Conventions, has
all the info you need about the events.
South Park for You

The South Park Daily Marklar and South Park For You were daily email digest for fans of the Comedy Central Animated TV Show, South Park. Moderated entirely by fans of the show, they were great places for fans to express their opinions about the show.

The personal website for Paul Wein

Once considered one of the premier recording studios in Chicago, Streeterville Studios went out of business in 2001. The site here was the last one I designed for the facility.

The fan club of one character from South Park,
the "I Squeak for Tweek Faction" contains
pictures, video clips, sound files, and more.

Bon Appetit was a small restaurant in Brooklyn that specialized in Italian Cuisine. Now, it's little more than a catering service, but the food is still just as good!

After 17 years of performing on Chicago's north side, The Choral Ensemble of Chicago ceased to exist in 2000. So, the site I designed for them is here for demonstration purposes only. I was, however, one of the very first sites I worked on.

With several fans of South Park writing their own South Park based stories, song parodies, and other goodies, they need a place to put them. So, at SPFanfics they can all be found.