The One Brick Music Studio is a small production studio using a Pro Tools system, and a 14 channel Mackie Console. To hear some of the recordings done here, check out our Music and CD Catalog. Some of this equipment is for sale. For details, check out our for sale section below. Here's a list of some of the toys & goodies at the studio:

Macintosh Power Mac G4 - 400 (running OS X.5.4)
Yamaha MSP5 Powered Monitor Speakers
Digidesign's DIGI-002

Ensonic KT-76 Electronic Keyboard

Several Guitars including:
Washburn Les Paul Electric Guitar
Fender Stratocaster
Ibanez Roadstar II Electric Guitar
Cort Acoustic Guitar w/ built in pick-up
Seagull 12-string Acoustic Guitar
Ibanez Roadstar Fretless Bass Guitar

Various Percussion Toys
Pro-Tools 7.4.2-LE
Peak 4
Toast Titanium 8 for CD Mastering and Burning
Finale 2004 for Music Notation
Adobe CS Suite for Graphics

(2) Shure SM-58
(1) Audio Technica ATM-71 (headset)
(2) Shure Prologue 12L
(1) Rhode Solid Tube

Equipment for Sale
One Brick Music is selling some of its equipment. If you see something here that you may be interested in, please
email us to let us know. Prices (in some cases) are negotiable, and any shipping expenses will be added to the cost of the equipment purchased. Click the photos to see a full size picture.


(2) Shure SM-57
$60.00/ea **SOLD**

(2) Shure SM-48
$50.00/ea **SOLD**

Audio Technica ATM-71 headset mic
$50.00 **SOLD**

Shure Prologue 10L
$35.00 **SOLD**

(2) Shure Prologue 12L

$500.00 **SOLD**

5 piece Ludwig Custom Drum Set
$250 **SOLD**

Other Equipment:

EX-TEND-IT TSE-150 Keyboard/Monitor extender

Morley Power Fuzz/Wah Effect Pedal
$150.00 **SOLD**

Morley Compact Wah Effect Pedal

Studer A-807
1/4" 2-track recorder
$1000.00 **SOLD**
16-rack space wheeled equipment rack
$200.00 **SOLD**
Panasonic SV-3600 DAT Recorder
(2) Heavy Duty Mic Stands w/Booms

$15.00 **SOLD**