Dan's formal audio training came in the form of a Bachelor's degree in Music Recording Technology at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. While at the University, Dan worked as the Student Assistant in charge of recording recitals and concerts in the school's Music Hall. He was also instrumental in helping other students conquer the school's MIDI lab, which was an off-shoot of the 16-track analog recording studio located in the center of the Arts & Communications Building.

After college, Dan completed an internship at Streeterville Recording Studios in Chicago, Illinois, and was later hired as a full time audio assistant. While at Streeterville, Dan worked with some of the city's top audio engineers and music producers, gaining valuable knowledge and experience that he used as he began engineering in his own sessions, both at Streeterville, and at One Brick Music.

After Streeterville went out of business, Dan became the sole Audio Engineer at Teletech Video Corp, and remained in that position until he moved to Texas. Along with all audio recording and production, Dan was also highly involved in all DVD and CD-Rom authoring and duplication, and much of the company's computer networking and internet maintenance.

Dan has also run live sound for a number of bands, from high school, through college, and up to today.

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