Dan has worked as an engineer and producer on many radio and TV commercials, recording and editing voice overs. Here is a short list of products he has worked on:

Sears - McDonalds - Sprint - William's Foods - Dominos Pizza
Applebee's - US Bank - B.E.T. - Easton Town Center - Pizza Hut
Q-Lube - Nortel Networks - The Palm Group - Long John Silver's
Dayton/Hudson - Goodyear - Humane Society - Ford - Casino Queen
The Columbus Crew - The Daily Oklahoman - Crooked River Beer
Cedar Point - Value City - Citgo - Grossinger Auto - Pop Secret
Brown & Williamson - The World Pork Expo - Playboy.com

Below are a few Commercials that Dan worked on. In all of these samples, Dan recorded and edited the Voices, mixing them with Music and Sound Effects. In some cases, he also recorded, edited, and mixed the music track.

"Boat Pond"Easton Town Center
"Fedora"Easton Town Center
"Fairy Princess"Easton Town Center
"Mime"Easton Town Center
"Droplet"Easton Town Center
"Owning A Home"B.E.T.
"Owning A Home Sweepstakes"B.E.T.
"Off The Hook"Pop Secret
"Almost Home"Pop Secret
"Dorothy Brown"Brown for Cook Co Treasurer
"Freeman / Tribune"Justice Charles E Freeman
"Run"Go America
"Tasty Stick"Tasty Apple*
"At Bat"Lipinski For Congress
"Dan From MTV"SEEK Model and Talent Agency
"Top 5 Reasons"Rose Restaraunt
"Important Message"All American Auto Center
"Step 1, 2 and 3"Castle Chevy
"Why Buy?"Castle Pontiac
"The Castle Guy"Castle Chevy
*This spot was not for air. It was produced as a satire spot for an ad agency.